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Still using kerosene-based mould release agents? There is a clear option

Industry - q8oilshub - October 8, 2018

If you use mould release agents that are partially or entirely based on kerosene, perhaps it is time to think again. What…

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Hydraulic oil compressibility: what is it and what are the risks?

Industry - q8oilshub - September 12, 2018

Hydraulic oils are somewhat compressible which can cause problems in hydraulic systems. Aspects like temperature changes and the presence of air bubbles…

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Q8 Hogarth: the durable solution for your modern hydraulic application

Industry - q8oilshub - June 25, 2018

Modern hydraulic systems operate with relatively small hydraulic oil volumes, generating higher stress loads on lubricants. The Q8 Hogarth range offers hydraulic…

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Choosing the right fluid for hydraulic systems

Industry - q8oilshub - May 1, 2018

The hydraulic fluid is the most important component in a hydraulic system. Choosing the right hydraulic fluid is crucial to guarantee the…

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Bearing the cost of failure

Industry - q8oilshub - March 29, 2018

In the midst of the 2017 US harvest season a farmer lost his large self-propelled combine harvester after it caught fire and…

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Go green – with no compromise in performance

Industry - q8oilshub - January 3, 2018

If you’re not yet using bio-lubricants it may be time to think again. Bio-lubricants once struggled to be widely accepted compared to…

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Q8 Used Oil Test Analysis – QUOTA

Industry - q8oilshub - October 11, 2017

Frequent oil analysis helps prevent serious damage or breakdowns by indicating what action should be taken and how urgent the action is.…

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Picture tour of Q8Oils state of the art blending plant in Antwerp

Industry - q8oilshub - August 16, 2017

Q8Oils’ state-of-the-art blending plant in Antwerp is one of largest and most technically advanced lubricant production facilities in Europe. With a multi-million…

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Introducing Q8 Holbein Eco 46

Industry - q8oilshub - May 17, 2017

Q8Oils introduces Q8 Holbein Eco 46 a product which fulfils the requirements of the European Eco Label, which implies a relatively low…

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Q8Oils cements business at The UK Concrete Show

Industry - q8oilshub - March 22, 2017

Q8Oils’ first appearance as an exhibitor at The UK Concrete Show 2017- Europe’s largest specialist concrete event.

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