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New Q8 Formula Truck products support the 3 market drivers for the HDDO-market

Automotive - q8oilshub - December 6, 2018

Three main market drivers continue to force a rapid change in the European heavy duty diesel (HDD) market. The continuous focus on…

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Are you prepared for the ACEA 2016 deadline?

Automotive - q8oilshub - November 6, 2018

On 1st December 2018, ACEA 2016, the latest legislation from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, comes into force. ACEA 2016 significantly upgrades…

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Critical engine parts for lubrication

Automotive - q8oilshub - September 19, 2018

An engine is assembled of many individual parts. A good oil flow to the critical areas is essential to guarantee the efficient…

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Importance of changing your transmission fluid

Automotive - q8oilshub - August 29, 2018

In your vehicle the transmission is one of the most important parts but it is also one of the most costly parts…

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Quality Matters – but where does it come from?

Automotive - q8oilshub - August 16, 2018

Q8Oils is committed to creating the best lubricants and offering an exceptional service; we believe passionately that quality matters. There are of…

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Why a generic 5W-30 no longer exists?

Automotive - q8oilshub - July 26, 2018

Vehicle manufacturers are seeking to develop smaller but cleaner, more durable and fuel efficient engines. As these engines evolve and become more…

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Did you know Q8Oils offer 60L drums on selected grades of engine oil?

Automotive - q8oilshub - July 18, 2018

At Q8Oils, we understand that our customers have specific needs and that they have to be able to keep up with the…

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Rationalise your fleet with the new Q8 Formula Truck 8500 10W-40

Automotive - q8oilshub - June 1, 2018

As the technology of lubricating oils advances, Q8Oils has added a variant to its range of heavy duty engine oils which covers…

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Q8Oils presents Q8 Formula Truck 7000 — the lubricant for today and tomorrow

Automotive - q8oilshub - March 13, 2018

Q8Oils takes pleasure in offering two grades of its new top tier low-SAPS High Performance Synthetic Heavy Duty engine oil — Q8…

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Q8 Formula V Blue 0W-20 – perfect oil for VW 508 00 & VW 509 00 specified engines

Automotive - q8oilshub - February 27, 2018

The introduction of the Volkswagen Group’s 2.0 TFSI 140 kW and 3.0 TDI CR 160 kW car engines has led VW/Audi to…

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